HCP Adjustable Dual Gauge Pod Unit
HCP Adjustable Dual Gauge Pod Unit
HCP Adjustable Dual Gauge Pod Unit
HCP Adjustable Dual Gauge Pod Unit
HCP Adjustable Dual Gauge Pod Unit

HCP Adjustable Dual Gauge Pod Unit

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The Adjustable Gauge Pod holds the stock HD Speedometer and the stock HD Tachometer in a lightweight, compact unit that attaches to HCP Risers. HCP Risers are required to utilize this system. The assembly is adjustable in a forward and reverse motion. This allows a custom viewing position that can be unique for every rider. A single 5/16-18 bolt located on each side of the Assembly holds the Gauge Pod in the desired position.


  • To move gauges from the gas tank to a better viewing position in the handlebar clamping area. The HCP Adjustable Gauge Pod Unit sits above the handlebar clamping area. This position will keep you from looking down at your gauges. Additionally this position is a much more "performance" position.

  • To replace the stock, stamped steel bracket with a higher quality gauge pod. The appearance of the HCP Adjustable Gauge Pod Unit is a minimalistic, highly esthetic design that will stand out as one of the finer points of your motorcycle. All of the components for the Unit are made from T6 (6061 aluminum).

  • To add a tachometer in addition to the Speedometer, whether yours is currently located on your tank or on the handlebar area.


  • Two (2) 6061 aluminum Gauge Cans to house stock HD Gauges.

  • One (1) 6061 aluminum Backing Plate. The Backing Plate supports the two gauges and the Gauge Cans. PLEASE NOTE: Two versions of the Backing Plate are available when ordering. If your speedometer has a trip set button located on the backside then you will need to make sure you select the "Yes" option in the "Trip Set Button" menu. If it does not then select "No".

  • Two (2; 1 Right and 1 Left) 6061 aluminum Adjustment Arms. The Adjustment Arms are located on the backside of the assembly and are two pieces that attach to the Backing Plate.

  • One (1) 6061 aluminum Pivot Block. The Pivot Block and the Adjustment Arms are assembled together. It is held in place between the HCP Riser Top Clamp and HCP Center Bottom Clamp (HCP Riser Top Clamp and HCP Center Bottom Clamp are components that are purchased with HCP Risers).

  • Stainless steel hardware included:

    • 5-16/18 x 3/4" SHCS (2 ea.)

    • 1/4-20 x 1/2" FHCS (2 ea.)

    • #8-32 x 1/4" FHCS (4 ea.)


  • The Speedometer and/or Tachometer

  • Two (2) Rubber O-Rings for stock HD gauges. The Rubber O-Rings are a genuine factory Harley-Davidson product. The O-Rings are assembled around each gauge and made to dampen vibration during operation of the motorcycle.

  • HCP Risers. HCP Risers are sold separately, see "Riser" section of website.

  • Any wiring harness's

  • HCP Gauge Block Off Pucks. See "Console Block-off Pucks" section of website.

Please read: If you have already purchased HCP Risers along with the HCP Gauge Bracket then you will be able to reuse the "Center Bottom Clamp; Half Radius". If you do not currently have the HCP Gauge Bracket and you have a solid "Center Bottom Clamp; Full Radius", notify us, and we will send you the correct "Center Bottom Clamp; half Radius" to replace the "Center Bottom Clamp; Full Radius". If you do not have HCP Risers and you will be purchasing them as well, HCP will supply the correct Center Bottom Clamp.

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